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Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock from ConStands. 
The motorcycle stand for easy parking and safe transport.

You want to be able to park your motorbike as easily as your cycle? The ConStands motorbike wheel chock makes exactly that possible. Within a few seconds, you simply and effortlessly push the front wheel of your bike into the dock. Absolutely stable and safe you have now placed your bike without using the side or main stand. This technical solution makes it possible for your bike to stand on its own. An integrated swing mechanism allows the front wheel to take its place almost automatically in the wheel clamp. So you don't have to put in a lot of strength.

In addition, the front wheel chock is ideal for transporting your bike safely and comfortably on a trailer. This has advantages not only when moving house or buying and selling motorcycles. Motorcyclists who enjoy exploring new places with their bikes during their holidays know how tedious and exhausting the long distances to their holiday destination can be. With the motorcycle wheel chock you can transport your motorcycle to your destination and comfortably spend the trip in the car. You can also prevent damage to your trailer by using the wheel dock. The high tension of the lashing straps when transporting the bike creates maximum pressure on the trailer floor. Even small bumps are enough to damage the trailer. It has happened before that a motorcycle came loose due to the alternating tension. The damage to the trailer and the machine was adorable and the other road users were endangered. This can be avoided with a wheel chock for your motorbike.

Which wheel chock is the best for trailers?

ConStands has developed wheel docks with different functions. The "Easy-Classic" is the basic model. Due to its sturdy design and non-slip rubber ends, it offers your motorbike a secure stand. This is optimized with the "Easy-Plus" by an adjustable docking and wheel mount. So you can be sure that the motorcycle stand fits exactly to the size of your front wheel and offers maximum stability. Its successor is the "Easy-Evo". With twice as many rubber studs, it offers improved slip resistance.

Not for nothing does the "Easy Transport-Fix" bear its name. It is the only wheel chock in the ConStands family that is fixed firmly to the ground and therefore cannot be changed flexibly. Pre-drilled holes allow the rocker to be permanently screwed to the floor of your trailer, garage or any other location. This gives your motorcycle absolute safety. This makes the "Easy Transport-Fix" the best wheel clamp for trailers.

What should I look out for when using a motorcycle front wheel chock?

Anyone who wants to buy a good chock should pay special attention to the following points: safety, workmanship, construction and value for money. In order to protect both your bike and the participants in road traffic, a motorcycle stand should first and foremost offer a firm stand and safety during use. This is achieved by means of fastening options for securing with lashing straps as well as by the accuracy of fit of the wheel holder and wheel size. The ConStands motorcycle wheel chocks are suitable for all common wheel sizes and thus for almost all models of the brands BMW, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda and many more.

A special focus at ConStands is on the clean processing of high-quality materials at fair sales prices. This is how long-lasting products are developed which are characterised by a stable design and easy handling.

Would you like to transport, park or simply present your machine in a showroom? Parking your bike has never been easier and safer than with the ConStands front wheel chock. Here in the online shop of Motea you will find a large selection of motorcycle accessories guaranteed to make your wish come true. You can order comfortably and simply directly online from home. We guarantee best quality. With the 30 days money back guarantee you don't take any risks.